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Home Safety, Senior Safety & Modifications for Handicapped Accessible Homes

Senior Safety and Home Safety Modifications in St. LouisAt Home Care Handyman in St. Louis, we specialize in senior safety and modifying clients’ current homes to make them less hazardous and more accessible for people with limited mobility or physical ability. We can complete a variety of home safety and senior safety services including completing modifications to make bathrooms or showers safer as well as major modifications to make hallways and kitchens more accessible for those with special needs.

Our home safety and senior safety services were originally developed to help home healthcare companies, therapists, nurses, and other caregivers to better serve the home safety and accessibility needs of their home care patients. Now, however, the demand for our home safety and senior safety services has grown to more than just installing wheelchair ramps and grab bars. Your handyman in St. Louis now offers a variety of home safety, home repair, and property maintenance services. Therefore, we are extremely proud to say that with Home Care Handyman, One Call Fixes It ALL.

To learn more about our St. Louis handyman services or to see how our experience in home safety and senior safety can help improve the quality of life in your, a patient’s, or a loved one’s home, call us today at (314) 706-1210 or schedule an appointment online.

Common Home Safety & Senior Safety Projects:

  • Bathroom Grab Bar Installation
  • Wheelchair Ramp Installation
  • Indoor / Outdoor Stair Railing Installation
  • Non-Slip Flooring Installation for Bathrooms and Stairs
  • Custom Accessible Toilet & Toilet Frame Installation
  • Senior Safety Modifications Including Walk-In Shower, Walk-In Tub or Handheld Shower Wand Installation
  • Home Security and Safety Installations Including Security Systems and Indoor / Outdoor Lighting
  • Handicapped Accessible Kitchen and Bathroom Custom Reconfigurations
  • Structural Handicapped Accessible Home Modification Including Widening of Doorways and Hallways
  • Carbon Monoxide and Fire Alarm Installation
  • Concierge Services and Other Special Requests by Homeowner or Caregiver

The Importance of Home Safety & Senior Safety

Seniors and disabled persons face two major safety issues when making plans to continue living in their homes:

  • The design of their home does not allow easy mobility or accessibility.
  • Their physical abilities have declined and simple functions like taking a shower or rising from the toilet have become hazardous daily chores.

Senior Safety & Home Accessibilty ModificationsAs a result of these issues, disabled individuals and seniors with limited mobility or strength are at a greater risk for injury. The greatest senior safety risks are tripping and falling injuries. The U.S. National Institutes of Health reports that each year more than 2 million seniors and independent living people are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. The most common fall-related injuries among seniors or others with limited mobility include:

  • Slipping in the shower or tub
  • Falling out of chairs or wheelchairs
  • Tripping on furniture, carpet, or rugs
  • Losing balance on stairs or when reaching too high or low for something

Home safety and senior safety should be a top priority for all homeowners and their caregivers!

Don’t Know What Home Safety Services You Need? Request a Home Safety Consultation

Senior Safety & Home Accessibilty ModificationsAs part of our senior safety and home modification service offering, we conduct home safety consultations for our clients. For just $69.00, our safety expert will go through a thorough 85-point safety checklist to address the various hazards inside and outside of each client’s home with the overall goal of improved comfort and safety. After developing a list, we can put hazards in order of priority from high risk to lower risk to help the homeowner determine which senior safety issues should be taken care of first.

Save Money with a “Safety To-Do List”

As with home repairs, we prefer to do more than one small safety upgrade in a clients home per service call. Combining multiple home safety and senior safety projects into one service call allows us to save our clients money on all repairs as it saves Home Care Handyman the time of multiple service calls. Also, since each job is quoted on a “per-project” basis, you will know exactly the expense before we begin. Home Care Handyman can work with you to develop a “safety to-do list” possibly pointing out safety issues you or your loved ones have overlooked.

Schedule an Appointment for Home Safety or Senior Safety Services

If you would like to learn more about how Home Care Handyman can make the necessary safety modifications and upgrades in your home, contact your handyman in St. Louis today. Call (314) 706-1210.